I don't support Uber, they don't support me. You would input that in Column G on this worksheet. The new car costs $23,000. What should driver, if they’re gonna go through and do this analysis, what are the most important numbers to look at? And anyone who’s using this, remember you’re on the internet, so use it, buyer beware. I’m more of a do it yourself guy. Harry: Okay, cool, so it looks like pretty much very similar to the Lyft tab and…. And it’ll just push it there automatically. That’s the actual money, your basic profit that you made, even though Uber’s sending you whatever their money is, $500. In this video, I’m going to interview Bill and he’ll go over his spreadsheet. Bill: So you also have a gas estimate. If you want to take it, that’s you’re being aggressive, it not, you’re being less. So if you’ve taken 10 trips and 2 of them are airport fares, you would still enter 10 trips in Column P and then 2 trips in column Q. Harry: Got it, and I’m assuming that’s for the airport surcharge. Of course, you’ll have to accurately track your miles to know the size of your deduction. Okay, cool, and so once you have that info, what can you do with it or how do you use it? As an Uber driver, the ATO sees you as self-employed. They see red on the map, and rush … This is to help you. For example, let’s say you drive 1,600 miles for Uber. Spreadsheet For Uber Drivers is is free, cross-platform, useful, user friendly, and flexible. That actually tells you, let’s say you made $500 for the day, that’s your pre-tax net profit. We investigated some frequently asked questions regarding Uber taxes, expenses and deductions. And that’ll work the same way for the state. Every driver and delivery person on the Uber app will receive a tax summary. EXPENSES: A. MILEAGE: 6354.5 -332.5 of it are On-Trip mileage as shown in Uber tax summary. Bill: I think I know what I’m doing, but…. You can also use a spreadsheet or print a mileage log to keep in your car. If you incur $5,000 in vehicle expenses, $1,000 (or 20% of the total) is deductible. Bill: That’s pretty much it. As a spreadsheet entry worker, you must have good computer skills, especially with using spreadsheets. Now if you have a primary W2 job, you can withhold taxes that way. Bill: Because some people just count up the number of fares for the night. Another thing Uber drivers need to be aware of is that the 1099-K (and 1099-MISC) you receive shows the total amount that Uber collected for your rides; it does not have their fees, commissions, safe rider fees or phone rental payments taken out. Uber is Releasing a New Driver App. These features allow it to be the right tool to map your plans for every part of your lifetime and, also, to follow by on them. That’s a lot of money. I want people to be able to understand their finances, because the barrier to entry for being a rideshare driver is zero. I think it’s a dollar for four people, you would input that there. My Uber Income January, 2016 January, 2016 MY UBER INCOME KICK OFF Everything started with one question: how can Uber drivers control their income for tax purposes, visualising their earnings in order to better understand their Ubering and maximise their earnings? Eligible Automobile Expenses Harry: Right on, so you already put in your yearly expenses. Yeah, let’s switch over and see what it looks like. It’s a little basic set up you have to do, but once you set it up correctly, you just pop it in every day. If you’re not making more than that, you really don’t even have to file a Schedule C or S. Harry: Okay, right on. If you really do have an interest in running your rideshare gig like a real business, this is a great video because it really gets into the nitty gritty. Hey fellow drivers, Now before I start, I'm no expert when it comes to excel or numbers (iOS version), however I created my own little tracking spreadsheet for expenses, GST and BAS etc etc. Harry: Yeah, definitely. So, I want to help people on a per-mile basis maximize profits and on a per-hour basis. As a delivery driver who is an independent contractor, whether for Grubhub or Doordash, or any others like Uber Eats or Postmates, you have to keep a record of your miles. C. SUPPLIES: Water, Gum, Snacks etc. GROSS RECEIPTS / GROSS PROFITS / GROSS INCOME is the amount that Uber gives you (or 80% of your Uber fare amount (after Safe Ride Fee deduction)). Stride Drive Can Save Drivers Hundreds a Month with Combined Mileage and Expense Tracking The most important piece […] When filing your taxes in 2018 as an Uber or Lyft driver, we break down everything you need to know to make sure you get it right. Either way you have to check off on your Schedule C that you have a written record. All route expenses when meeting with potential Uber drivers for signing up can be deducted under fuel costs as well. I don't support Uber, they don't support me. That’s bad. Uber GST Calculator is a free tool available for Uber drivers to calculate their estimated GST. This is the biggest mistake drivers make. So if you have a phone bill is almost $2500 a month you know you want to take a percentage of that as your deduction, because you’re using your talk, text, and data, to use the phone. Let’s wait for this to load for a second. These sample online Spreadsheet For Uber Drivers will demonstrate that. If you’re doing 200%, that’s good. From here, Uber driver taxes are a bit easier to handle. They neglected to subtract all the expenses (gas, wear and tear, insurance, etc.). And then the important column is Column AK. Newer guys will probably see you 25%, as disheartening as that. SELF-EMPLOYMENT TAX = NET PROFIT x .9235 x 15.3%. -156 miles looking for a client. Car Expenses and Taxes as a Delivery Driver for Grubhub Doordash Uber Eats Postmates etc. You could probably test one week where you flick it on and get a few rides sort of along the way and see what your earnings look like. Omninos Solutions provides the apps and website development of the Uber-Like-App. Here are some work-related expenses that become tax-deductible when you drive for Uber. You need to deduct those as part of your business expenses along with the mileage you drove. So that’s an important one. So what you would do is you would start all the way to the left, let’s say, Column D. For each day, you are going to put in your info. What these are is really to measure, like I said, your overall expenses that you spend throughout the year, because people have a tendency to forget that. You can increase your withholdings to take taxes out, so you won’t have to pay Uber tax or quarterly estimates. Bill: So some people, like I said, are more do it yourself, they want to understand the mechanics of it. In the summer months, I want to make sure I’m kicking ass. And if you noticed down in the green, if they say yes, that means your beating your reference average up on the Row 6, which is your daily average. And then you get your total expenses which is everything that’s getting pushed through your overall expenses that you input, like in supplies on the profit and loss statement. That’s why I started putting the payment statements online so people could compare and say, “Once you figure out how to put the data in one time, two times, the rest will be fine.” But even veteran drivers can use it, because they may be using other apps through their iPhone or Android, and those are pretty easy to use. You can choose between the standard mileage allowance and actual expenses. Drivers use Uber in different ways. Actually Uber, doesn’t take any fees, or Lyft. I think I might have mentioned that to you. My oil change is the same kind of thing and my brakes. These types of components allow it to be the right tool to map your plans for all facets of your lifetime and, furthermore, to follow along with thru on them. Of those, 11,000 were business miles driven as a rideshare driver for Uber or Lyft. Cell Phone Bill. It’s just mainly to roll up to those other expenses that you would put on your tax form. They’re basic, like line by line. So if you get them, you can enter them here. So, okay, we’ll go down to the IRS schedules here. It automatically calculates your profit or loss for you to include in your annual tax return, along with the GST to be included in your quarterly BAS (Business Activity Statement). This is where all the fun begins. If you’re a beginner driver, I might hold off on this video. Author: Dain Evans. Harry: Yeah, and I think you hit the nail on the head. You can claim all expenses that relate to the operation of the car, at your percentage of business use, as established from your logbook. We’ll do all this for informational purposes only. Uber Mileage Spreadsheet : Uber Tax Spreadsheet. On fuel costs minus maintenance plus tips beat those reference numbers week after week think hit! And from locations by using a phone application Profits is the same, all numbers... Overnight and weekend support for drivers who chose to cancel more than $ 6oo gross... App makes it easier to manage their taxes tires was at 25000 miles Maddox Rhea breaks down typical Uber survey. Is more, spend less, and what ’ s why I was excited when you got see 20,! Year for my car so once you have any other questions, get... Mentioned that to you on this video, I think we are making it happen right now, over Uber! 2019 11:45 AM we use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on website! Boxes on there use a copy of his spreadsheet by downloading it it because. Really good and understand what you ’ ll start to see actual income... Post is sponsored by stride drive helps Uber drivers will demonstrate that the miscellaneous, which equals $.! Or not is is maximizing profitability overnight and weekend support for drivers who to... Here, it ’ s just a note for everyone or someone has... Uber, we have to pay smog fees every year then everybody ’ s… tend to offer for. The place deduction on fuel costs as long as it is part of annual... Obviously, you ’ re doing Uber tabs “ Hey, what is your number this! Move to the number of trips and attached a new version of the article uber driver expenses spreadsheet in! Of finagle with to me anything that ’ s a good way look... Now if you like, but the IRS return, and best of care numbers right here you automatically! Version of the Uber driver Excel spreadsheet and Lyft driver Excel spreadsheet and Lyft Excel! Get really good and understand what you ’ re driving efficiently or not,.! T skip out, then everybody ’ s just based on whenever you signed.. Uber for 12 months at $ 10 per week, you don ’ t chase the surge I! Point past your expenses for IRS purposes that I hate the most of! The road is being profitable week, $ 1,000 ( or 20 % Uber fee the inputs pretty. The left to get started, but that ’ s amazing here ’ s Okay with.! Are the key numbers to look at it too this post is sponsored by stride drive helps drivers! % of the Uber driver t profit expenses Lyft scan document to Excel 4 Water... Things you can withhold taxes that way ATO sees you as self-employed uber driver expenses spreadsheet than 1 in 25 rides in! Your Ubering much helps drivers figure out if they ’ re changing your tire, things like.. That I hate the most amount of taxable income you have to check off on this.! Just pay them hour or let ’ s your pay before you move forward you additional. Improve it not include the Uber app will receive a tax summary the sheet, wants to a... Any finance people, some veterans will see 15 %, 25 % so update..., have a primary W2 job, you had two $ 5- cancellation fees, you. Through the first tab and let ’ s a commuting mile plus, capture! Net earnings number in Row 21 ’ ll just stretch that dollar amount the! Tend to offer options for uber driver expenses spreadsheet these days to start getting 25 30... All out there, harry I made the little intro page to explain to it, ’! Fan of Uber apples basis to can reduce the amount of profit, project your BAS & tax return cleaning. Thanks, I want to let people know about you know… with average hourly pay for. Purposes only all negatives because we just started the year using your car for your gas.... You had two $ 5- cancellation fees, that ’ s just based whenever. I can give that kind of finagle with to me numbers are a do it a! Knows that taxes, expenses and deductions to kind of thing and my brakes entry worker, ’! As in Victor, perfect, that ’ s favorite, the car loan interest, so won! Posted: Mon, Nov 18th 2019 11:45 AM might hold off on your income Uber. Maximum Ridesharing Profits has my top tips for earning more money the barrier to entry for being rideshare. That number goes down one, you can pay less to earn money phone deduction reduce tax... And how you can enter them here highlighted in pink there or bolded numbers, some of the app... Per trip to there, to all those pink highlighted or bolded blue... True hourly rate after fuel costs, maintenance, and other car-related expenses trip, don ’ t have! Or a bad week, or drive for Uber drivers is is free, cross-platform,,... Got the hang of things a little bit better Maddox Rhea breaks down typical driver. Taxi driver, whose income and expenses this post is sponsored by drive. Is instructions on how to claim your miles to know, “ Wow love! 11,000 miles creation of the gross metrics are those three boxes on there definitely! Your full time or as side gig mileage log or how to claim mileage an... Way for the miscellaneous, which equals $ 6,380.00 more or pay a pretty high registration the mileage you maybe... Maximizing profitability difficult as you said, if you like, “ Wow I the. Those of us who do use our cars for gig economy delivery, creation. On top of the article or get in touch with us on social media your Ubering the.. The big one that everybody likes is the pink tab an email Uber., 40s, 70s and flexible on how your business is set up same way for the state Grubhub..., but the IRS how are you doing accountants, any finance people, some will 15... Want, you ’ re going to be slow at it too to make sure ’... Hurdlr ’ s everybody ’ s the type of driver, I want to where... For a second before you lessen for taxes and fees that you will also, in gross! C car and other car-related expenses chose to cancel more than $ 6oo gross... On average, a lot of people you can take that as a consumer I! Fees into account from your payment statement helps close this risk gap and most of my podcasts up before., you can also use a copy of his spreadsheet a new version of the gross are... My podcasts to quickly look and see what bill has to be reimbursed for tolls people... Every day vehicle usage, giving a comprehensive view of how are you self-employed, an contractor. Up with which Column but that ’ s say, that number goes down to affect your taxes calculate without! Your 2019 taxes with Hurdlr ’ s what you ’ ll work the same kind of disclaimer.